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Please read below before submitting a Warranty Claim

Wren Homes not only strives to build a quality home but also to provide our new homeowner with a very comprehensive warranty program (Limited Warranty Agreement and 2-10 Homebuyer’s Warranty Sample Booklet) and additional guides and tips on caring for your new built home. We have constructed your home using high quality materials and the efforts of experienced contractors under the supervision of our field personnel, coupled with the administrative support of our office personnel. Although your home is constructed from detailed plans and specifications, no two homes are identical.


Each home is uniquely built and over time each one behaves differently. The quality materials and workmanship that have been used in building your new home will still require day-to-day care by you from the first day you move in. Regular homeowner maintenance is necessary in order to ensure that your quality home will provide you years of comfort and satisfaction. 


Before submitting a Warranty Claim, please reference the downloadable links below:

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